Dressage Instructor Training – DKK58.990,00


Price: 58.990 in 24 rates of 2457.91 – 3 last months tuition fee to be paid before course begin // 54.990 for immediate payment.

Do you want to be an expert in spotting movement patterns and issues and correct them?
Do you want to become a specialists with extended knowledge in :
Building strong and sustainable equipages by using knowledge about anatomy?
Using tools and techniques for your training based on facts and knowledge?


Equine Biomechanics Instructor
Put your knowledge in motion

The education is for you, if you want to make your riders perform significantly better, by using knowledge about movement and anatomy in your daily training.

WHATS IT ALL ABOUT: Biomechanics doesn’t lie. The horses body and the way it moves tells you all you need to know to make your students improve. This goes for the pony in the pony club and for the olympic rider. Problem is, no education provides you the tools and knowledge to read all these signs and act on them. At least not before now!

BECOME AN EXPERT IN MOVEMENT AND BUILDING UP ANY HORSE This 2 year education will make you able to analyze body and movement in horse and rider and give you the skills and tools to improve riding on basic and higher level.

The education will teach you how to build a strong and healthy well balanced athlete and you will gain high level knowledge and training to help riders improve movement and exercises from basic level to higher levels.

The education will also include some knowledge about rehab and put you in charge of rehab phases, so you don’t lose track on horse and rider – in fact you will often be able to turn it for the better.

NOTE: At the end of your first year, you will be able to take your first examination and become a licenced Ground Pole Trainer as a natural part of the many classes you will get here.

• Basic anatomy for riding
• Equipment and how it effects the horses body
• How to read the movement and improve
• Dressage exercises – what to look for and what the exercise is supposed to train and how to get the actual training out of the exercise
• Gaits and how to improve and read them better
• Polework and how to use it
• Basic rehab work
Each weekend will put you through high level theory – of course made easy to understand – workshops and practical work with horses or equipages depending on the theme of the weekend.

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